Change Height and Width of TextArea in codemirror

CodeMirror is a JavaScript text editor package which you can integrate with your applications. I was trying to integrate the respective Angular package of CodeMirror which is called as @ctrl/ngx-codemirror into my application. When I started to integrate codemirror, I was facing fold gutter issue which I have explained in this blog. Recently, there was... Continue Reading →

JSVidCon 2020 – Live Blog

JSVidCon is a virtual conference where developers from all over the world can share and gain knowledge on four frontend frameworks such as Angular, Vue.js, React.js and Node.js. All the four tracks will happen parallely. The live blog of this event starts at May 7th, 2020 at 2 PM GMT+0. Stay tuned. The Angular Jamstack... Continue Reading →

TypeScript – How to break forEach?

Really? Do you want to do that? So basically, you cannot use break, continue, return statements inside a forEach because it is like an callback function, which behaves like an normal function. But, Never stop until you find a solution I just found out three ways of doing it, The ugly wayThe Controversial wayThe fun... Continue Reading →

TypeScript 3.1

TypeScript is an free, open-source and cross-platform language that builds on top of modern JavaScript. To know more about TypeScript you can refer their official documentation.  You can able to install the latest version of TypeScript via npm like, npm install -g typescript@latest The following editor supports typescript: Visual Studio 2017 Visual Studio 2015 Visual... Continue Reading →

Steps for Upgrading to Angular 7

It's going to be a short blog of how to upgrade our Angular application. Angular 7 has it's own dependencies such as, TypeScript 3.1 Node 10 RxJS 6.3 Let us see how we can upgrade these dependencies and finally we'll see how we can update our Angular application. TypeScript 3.1 TypeScript 3.1 was released on... Continue Reading →

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