Angular – Pure vs Impure Pipe

A pipe is used to transform values in an Angular template. To know more about pipes, you can visit this link. Basically there are two types of pipes in Angular. They are called as Pure and Impure pipes. In this blog, we'll explore about why do we need Angular pipes and also we'll see some... Continue Reading →

How to increase performance of your Angular applications

Angular is an open-source front-end framework developed by google which is a complete rewrite of Angular JS. To know more about Angular, I have written an detailed blog on Introduction to Angular, where you can get more idea on it. There are certain things that we'll code now, and we will justify it that we... Continue Reading →

Improving Angular *ngFor Performance With trackBy

Angular uses many conditional structural directives such *ngIf, ngSwitch, ngSwitchCase etc. One of the most used conditional directives used is *ngFor. Basically, this directive is used for iterating an array or an object and display it in the view(HTML). The * character before ngFor creates a parent template. In this blog, we shall see about... Continue Reading →

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