Getting started with standalone components – Angular

In angular application, each page acts as a component. Whenever you create a component, you need to import that in the respective module to make use of it. By doing so, every component in Angular is tightly bounded to the module. But from Angular v14, you can create standalone components which is independent of modules.... Continue Reading →

Change Height and Width of TextArea in codemirror

CodeMirror is a JavaScript text editor package which you can integrate with your applications. I was trying to integrate the respective Angular package of CodeMirror which is called as @ctrl/ngx-codemirror into my application. When I started to integrate codemirror, I was facing fold gutter issue which I have explained in this blog. Recently, there was... Continue Reading →

Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks

Visual Studio Code is an open-source, light-weight code editor developed by Microsoft and it was built upon Electron Framework. It supports all the platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac. The performance and the usage of VS Code will be much better than Visual Studio. A tool should be very much user-friendly and also it... Continue Reading →

Create your First Blazor App using Visual Studio 2019

Blazor is a framework where you can build client-side UI for your .NET Core applications. Basically, the idea is to develop your UI using C# rather than JavasScript. And also you can share your server-side and client-side logic written in .NET. You can also make use of the existing HTML and CSS knowledge in .NET.... Continue Reading →

JSVidCon 2020 – Live Blog

JSVidCon is a virtual conference where developers from all over the world can share and gain knowledge on four frontend frameworks such as Angular, Vue.js, React.js and Node.js. All the four tracks will happen parallely. The live blog of this event starts at May 7th, 2020 at 2 PM GMT+0. Stay tuned. The Angular Jamstack... Continue Reading →

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