Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘onDestroy’)

Recently I upgraded an angular application from anuglar 10 to 13 and after that we faced a console error called, Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'onDestroy') I faced this issue only on the production build, but I was unable to reproduce it in the local build. So, I tried to run the production build... Continue Reading →

Create your First Blazor App using Visual Studio 2019

Blazor is a framework where you can build client-side UI for your .NET Core applications. Basically, the idea is to develop your UI using C# rather than JavasScript. And also you can share your server-side and client-side logic written in .NET. You can also make use of the existing HTML and CSS knowledge in .NET.... Continue Reading →

The art of writing clean code

Anyone can write code that machine can understand. But you should write code that humans can understand. I know most the of the times we would give an temporary solution for a problem faced and we say that we can refactor it later. But it's not gonna happen, if you are going to refactor it,... Continue Reading →

Cheat Sheet for Developers

This is a cheat sheet which consists of some useful links to articles and softwares. Angular Angular_CheatSheet AngularInDepth Atom Atom CheatSheet Atom Keyboard Shortcuts Azure Azure_CheatSheet Azure Machine Learning Machine Learning CheatSheet C# C#_CheatSheet C#_CheatSheet_Pdf CSS CSS CheatSheet CSS grid CSS Flexbox Eclipse Eclipse CheatSheet Emmet Emmet CheatSheet GIT GIT CheatSheet HTML HTML CheatSheet Java... Continue Reading →

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