Angular – Disable console.log() in production

Most of the developers use console.log() to debug a problem in our angular application. After we solve the problem most of the times we use to forget to remove these logs and it goes to production. In this blog, we'll explore how to disable this console logs in production with minimal changes. There are multiple... Continue Reading →

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘onDestroy’)

Recently I upgraded an angular application from anuglar 10 to 13 and after that we faced a console error called, Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'onDestroy') I faced this issue only on the production build, but I was unable to reproduce it in the local build. So, I tried to run the production build... Continue Reading →

Create your First Blazor App using Visual Studio 2019

Blazor is a framework where you can build client-side UI for your .NET Core applications. Basically, the idea is to develop your UI using C# rather than JavasScript. And also you can share your server-side and client-side logic written in .NET. You can also make use of the existing HTML and CSS knowledge in .NET.... Continue Reading →

The art of writing clean code

Anyone can write code that machine can understand. But you should write code that humans can understand. I know most the of the times we would give an temporary solution for a problem faced and we say that we can refactor it later. But it's not gonna happen, if you are going to refactor it,... Continue Reading →

Cheat Sheet for Developers

This is a cheat sheet which consists of some useful links to articles and softwares. Angular Angular_CheatSheet AngularInDepth Atom Atom CheatSheet Atom Keyboard Shortcuts Azure Azure_CheatSheet Azure Machine Learning Machine Learning CheatSheet C# C#_CheatSheet C#_CheatSheet_Pdf CSS CSS CheatSheet CSS grid CSS Flexbox Eclipse Eclipse CheatSheet Emmet Emmet CheatSheet GIT GIT CheatSheet HTML HTML CheatSheet Java... Continue Reading →

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