Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘onDestroy’)

Recently I upgraded an angular application from anuglar 10 to 13 and after that we faced a console error called,

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'onDestroy')

I faced this issue only on the production build, but I was unable to reproduce it in the local build. So, I tried to run the production build locally using the below command

ng serve --configuration=prod

But it was in vain. After running the production build locally, I was unable to see the console error. And the game begins!

The Solution

Upon further debugging I was able to find out in which component it was happening. It was happening in a component where we used @ngneat/transloco library. The library was expecting ngOnDestory function in the component. So, we created an empty ngOnDestroy function,

export class UserComponent implements OnDestroy {
   ngOnDestory() {
      // Empty ondestroy function to resolve the error

It’s just a workaround. But I also found the stackoverflow link which mentions different solutions. But in my case these solutions did not work.

Happy Debugging! Cheers!

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