Introduction to Dapper

One of the most important operation in your enterprise application would be reading/writing to database. Sometimes it's very much important when you have lot of customers, the reading/writing should happen faster. In our .NET Applications, we have a class called SqlCommand and you should be able to perform read/write operations but, Brace yourselves, Dapper is... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection(DI) is a software design pattern which decreases the tight-coupling between the software components. If you take any projects, couple or more classes combine together to make a business logic and this leads to dependency of each other. To solve this dependency in an efficient way we have DI. Most of the .NET applications... Continue Reading →

Introduction to BenchMarkDotNet

There are many powerful libraries/packages available in the NuGet Package Manager. One of the most powerful library is BenchMarkDotNet. It helps you to transform methods into benchmarks, track their performance, and also share reproducible measurable experiments. The respsective library is being used in 3000+ projects. The results will be shown in an user friendly fashion... Continue Reading →

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