Create your First Blazor App using Visual Studio 2019

Blazor is a framework where you can build client-side UI for your .NET Core applications. Basically, the idea is to develop your UI using C# rather than JavasScript. And also you can share your server-side and client-side logic written in .NET. You can also make use of the existing HTML and CSS knowledge in .NET.... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework

Whenever you visit some product sites, you'll be first acknowledged by the bots. Basically, a bot is an automated program that runs on the internet. And also it reduces the communication between the user and the client. Like in most of the applications like Swiggy, Zomato etc., if you use their repsective support portal you'll... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Dapper

One of the most important operation in your enterprise application would be reading/writing to database. Sometimes it's very much important when you have lot of customers, the reading/writing should happen faster. In our .NET Applications, we have a class called SqlCommand and you should be able to perform read/write operations but, Brace yourselves, Dapper is... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection(DI) is a software design pattern which decreases the tight-coupling between the software components. If you take any projects, couple or more classes combine together to make a business logic and this leads to dependency of each other. To solve this dependency in an efficient way we have DI. Most of the .NET applications... Continue Reading →

Introduction to AutoMapper

AutoMapper is an .NET library which will be very useful to solve your complex problem and also it avoids duplication of code. Those who work on large enterprise .NET applications, most of the times you would change your domain model to view model or vice versa. But sometimes you need to do it in multiple... Continue Reading →

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