Introduction to BenchMarkDotNet

There are many powerful libraries/packages available in the NuGet Package Manager. One of the most powerful library is BenchMarkDotNet. It helps you to transform methods into benchmarks, track their performance, and also share reproducible measurable experiments. The respsective library is being used in 3000+ projects. The results will be shown in an user friendly fashion... Continue Reading →

.NET revolution

One of the most valuable ideas of Microsoft includes .NET. Microsoft initiated this idea in the 1990's under the Next Generation Windows Services and they released their first beta version in late 2000. .NET Framework 1.0 was officially release on February 13, 2002 which can be used by Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0,... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Connect(); 2018 Live Blog

Connect(); 2018 is where developers from around the world come together and get inspired to build the apps of tomorrow, today. Tune in to hear the latest on Azure, and Visual Studio, enjoy on-demand sessions, and see experts code live on Twitch & Mixer. From keynotes to demos to live coding and Q&A with experts,... Continue Reading →

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