Unable to start SQL Server Agent 2017

I was trying to start my SQL Server Agent in SQL Server 2017, its getting started and it stops it by itself saying that the SQL Server Agent is not being used. Yea I thought first it was drunk but there were some reasons for it. I just went through Stack Overflow but I couldn’t find the exact reason of it.

But after lot of research and articles me and my friend solved this issue. In this blog, we’ll see how we solved this.

Check the Edition of SQL Server

How to check SQL Server version?

To check your SQL Server version, open SQL Server Configuration manager by pressing windows + R key and type,

  • SQLServerManager15.msc for [SQL Server 2019] or
  • SQLServerManager14.msc for [SQL Server 2017] or
  • SQLServerManager13.msc for [SQL Server 2016] or
  • SQLServerManager12.msc for [SQL Server 2014] or
  • SQLServerManager11.msc for [SQL Server 2012] or
  • SQLServerManager10.msc for [SQL Server 2008], and then press Enter.

And then goto SQL Server Services tab on the left pane where you can find the SQL Server(\\Instance Name\\). Right click on the respective instance and click Properties and then goto Advanced Tab.

Edition Upgrade

SQL Server Agent will be supported by the following editions,

  • Enterprise
  • Standard
  • Developer
  • Web

It does not support in Express edition.

If you want to upgrade your SQL Server edition just follow the below steps,

  • Download the respective SQL Server edition.
  • Once it is done, click on the setup file and goto Maintenance tab and click on Edition Upgrade.
  • Just click Next and accept the license and after that you’ll be redirected to Select Instance tab.
  • Select the respective instance and click Next and say Upgrade.
  • Once it is done, your SQL Server Edition will be upgraded.

Change the Log on as

After changing the edition, if you are unable to start the service we can try to change the user who runs this service.

  • Goto to SQL Server Agent service by pressing windows + R key and type services.msc.
  • Find the SQL Server Agent service, right click and select Properties and then goto Log On tab.
  • Select This account and mention the proper username and password and try to start the SQL Server Agent.


So these are the main two reasons that I was not able to start SQL Server Agent in 2017.

So if you find any other solution just put in the comments.

Happy Coding!

Cheers! 🙂

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