30 Day Blogging

2019 is going to end and so thought of doing some interesting stuff and planned for a 30DayBlogging challenge. I’m going to identify 30 different and useful blogs and going to publish it in my personal blog profile.

Blogs Identified

1.Introduction to Angular
2. Component Communication between Angular Components
3. Reactive Forms vs Template Driven Forms
4. Introduction to Angular Directives
5. Introduction to Angular Interceptors
6. Improving Angular *ngFor Performance With trackBy
7. Difference between Subject and Behaviour Subject in RxJS
8. How to create npm packages in Angular?
9. Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code
10. Useful extensions in Visual Studio Code
11. Useful extensions in Visual Studio
12. What’s new in Visual Studio 2019
13. How to create ASP.NET Core Web API using Visual Studio 2019
14. .NET revolution
15. Introduction to BenchMarkDotNet
16. Introduction to Auto Mapper
17. Introduction to Dependency Injection
18. Introduction to Dapper
19. Introduction to WiX Toolset
20. REST vs gRPC
21. Introduction to Microsoft Azure
22. Introduction to Azure Cognitive Services
23. Introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework
24. 5 Interesting Azure Services
25. Logic Apps vs Microsoft Flow
26. Why Developer needs design knowledge
27. Job title vs Knowledge
28. Does a team need Senior Dev?
29. Cheat Sheet for Developers
30. The art of writing clean code

Going to start this challenge from Monday(02/12/2019).

Wish me good luck 😉

Stay tuned to nullablereference.wordpress.com

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