Why Developer needs design knowledge

Design is an important aspect of product development. Whenever you develop a new project there would be a debate going on between the team members to choose the right design. Because a good design allows you to understand your project better and in the future you can add a greater number of features at ease.

Design creates culture.

Culture shapes values.

Values determine the future

And also, sometimes we may choose the bad design and we stick to it. In the future our project front-end would be awesome but the back-end code looks like a nutshell.

Design Knowledge

Design Knowledge is the body of the knowledge associated with design professions such as graphic design, product design and user experience design. This design knowledge should be properly acquired by the developers.

Developers are someone who should have strong knowledge on the latest technologies and also design architectures. Because an application can be made to look good with the UI, but the team members should feel happy and blissful to code in that respective project.

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It can be achieved only if you have good design and efficient coding practices. This responsibility should be taken care by the seniors of the respective team.

Where it all Started!

Basically, whenever a new project gets kicked off, there will be a senior guy who goes and design the back-end architecture. This is where the game begins.

In this IT world, if you are going to do something, there would be infinite ways of doing it. So this senior guy should analyse the project idea and choose the best among those infinite ideas and design it appropriately.

And then the front-end king comes and build the front-end architecture. There are lot of web frameworks available like Angular,React, Vue etc. He needs to do a respective analysis and choose the right framework. After setting up the framework, he setups the navbar, topbar, header, icons,colors etc for the website.

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Make it simple, but Significant

Once everything is setup, our junior developers jump-in to develop some awesome features. But the design of the architecture was complex and also it took lot of time to make a newbie understand.

Just remember,

Analyse and think twice before designing the architecture

So our senior guy jumps-in and realized that we are going to do just CRUD application and the architecture made simpler. It’s not like if you build complex things your a king. It can also be simple and efficient.

Should only Seniors need Design Knowledge?

Definitely Not.

If you’re a junior, your job is not only to complete user stories, you also must understand the product and also the architecture stuffs involved in your respective code.

Don’t expect seniors to spoon feed each detail of your product. You have the respective code in your machine, just run it and debug the application where you’ll find most of the information. But I agree, you’ll face some difficult times during your initial days but remember,

A lion was once a cub!!!

Once you keep on developing features, you can learn more about design architecture of your respective application and also you can improve it further.


Developers play a vital role in product development . Each and everyone should have concrete design knowledge as it will be useful to develop awesome applications. As I said earlier, if your application has a good design, each and every developer would love to code.

In our next blog, we will see about Job title vs Knowledge.

Happy Coding!

Cheers! 😉

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